ING Social Business

Articulation of the social media approach for drawing in younger audiences to begin thinking about saving and investing.


ING is one of the world’s largest financial institutions. As the brand moves toward a $15 billion US IPO, the Americas group began to view social media, and social collaboration concepts as a potential competitive advantage for the brand in the category.

Our team was charged to explore the vision, best practices, themes, competitive landscape, operational structures, and develop socially connecting concepts to illustrate the importance of embracing a big idea. ING would move from their traditional view of communication and marketing, into that of a “social business” at every level of the organization.

Through a process involving research teams, each developing a particular view of the concept, along with facilitated creative and strategic summits with senior management, the case was made and the opportunity platform was illustrated for ING officers.

Research Direction and Oversight
Analysis and Elevation of Key Findings
Organization and Presentation Flow
Creative Concepts Based on Business Objectives
Creative Presentation Design and Execution
Vision Video

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  • Type Financial

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